What Type of Stone Deck Finish is Right for your Pool?

The deck finish of your pool does not only showcase your style but also plays an important role in defining your poolscape. A place where everyone gathers round while poolside, the deck is undeniably a vital part of the swimming area.

If you are thinking of turning a boring swimming pool into a luxurious oasis, take a look at these beautiful natural stones to get an idea on which stone decking is right for your pool.



Color: dark

Made primarily out of quartz, among the hardest natural stones around. Homeowners who want a consistent look on their pool decks can use granite.


Color: light brown, red

Another fine choice for pool deck tiles is sandstone. This even-toned material is quite hardy and comes with a dramatic yet almost uniform color range.


Origin: Turkey, Mexico, USA, Italy, Iran

Colors: light brown, gold, brown, ivory

Textures: tumbled, honed, polished

Travertine, a material often chosen by the artistic because of its beauty, is a fine choice for luxury pool decks. The hard-wearing natural stone is also virtually slip-free and remains cool to the touch.

With a capability to absorb water immediately, this gorgeous natural stone is among the safest pool deck finishes around. It can also handle harsh weather conditions.



Origin: UK, Portugal, US

Colors: red, dark brown, rust, dark black, purple, green, blue gray

A typical choice for builders for centuries, this heavy and durable flagstone is easy to work with and can be cut in varying sizes.



Origin: US

Colors: blue gray

This non-slip, water resistant material that comes in three different finishes – uniform, non-uniform, and smooth.



Origin: normally from local sources

Color: gray, tan, brown, pink, blue

Limestone is a hardy material used by builders for centuries. It can tolerate harsh weather conditions and can maintain its beauty for decades or even more.