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You name it and we can do it! Let your imagination be the guide as you plan to update your pool. Perhaps you would like to have a spa for relaxing hydro-therapy…we can add a spa to your pool. Maybe your spa is level with your pool and you would like to raise the walls and create a spillway into the pool…we can do that.

Is your pool too deep to play volleyball, or to really enjoy during a party because everyone is crowded in the shallow end? Let us do a depth reduction and create a modern-day play pool out of your old-fashioned deep-end pool.

You don’t use your spa? Let us fill in the spa and create a tanning ledge or even a waterfall where your spa is now. The waterfall will create the sound of gently falling water to soothe and relax you as you enjoy your backyard oasis. A tanning ledge is a great place for you, small children, or even your dog to play while you soak up the rays.

Perhaps a diving rock would add the look you need to set off the pool. Want a beach entry? It may be possible… contact us for a free consultation. We’ll evaluate what you have and let you know what the best options are.

Give us a call for some creative planning to beautify your outdated pool!

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