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Spring and summer are usually the most popular times for homeowners to build backyard oasis amenities like patios, swimming pools and outdoor kitchens. However, as every resident of Dallas-Fort Worth is aware, we’ve had a great deal of rain lately! Many homeowners who planned to enjoy a new pool or a remodeled pool this summer are grappling with the possibility that they may not be able to enjoy their oasis until August or later as a result of weather delays. However, fall is also a good time to plan for a pool remodel, pool installation, or other backyard upgrades. Here are five reasons fall is also a great time to schedule upgrades to your outdoor amenities.

Get ahead of the crowd

Summer is obviously the most popular time to remodel your pool or install a new one, so scheduling your project during other times of the year can be smart. If you hold off until the temperatures are starting to fall, you can avoid the height of the pool-building season, which means you may have an easier time of finding contractors with availability. Another advantage is that many contractors will have fewer projects between which they have to divide their time, so your project could receive more of their focus.

Potential savings

cash savingsAlthough fall in North Texas sees plenty of warm (and hot!) weather days, business tends to slow down a bit for most pool remodeling, pool construction, outdoor kitchen builders, and patio builders. Labor and material costs tend to fall in the autumn months as a result. Many pool companies will begin to analyze where they are with their year-end numbers, and you may be able to negotiate a better deal or take advantage of overstocked inventory of pool tile, water features, or other components.

There is a caveat to the saving scenario: if the influx of out-of-state residents continues at the pace we’ve seen over the last three years, it is possible that demand for pool improvements and installations could stay high. As a result, so could prices. It’s in your best interest to get quotes from several established, reputable vendors who perform the work you’re interested in, and to discuss with them how timing might affect pricing in your favor.

Hot Weather = drier dirt = better digging

Assuming that the wet weather eventually gives way to summer’s usually scorching temps, the ground will dry. Because the fall months usually see less rain, the ground stays dry, too. This makes autumn a good time to get digging and it’s likely you will experience fewer weather-related delays. What many pool owners don’t understand is that weather delays can be longer than the duration of the inclement weather. There may only have been two days of rain, but the site may need anywhere from several days to several weeks to dry out. Pool remodeling or pool building requires a dry construction site. The ground must be firm enough to support the heavy equipment and machinery that may be needed to perform the work.

Another reason that fall may be a more preferable time to schedule pool upgrades, enlargement, or installation is to avoid the filling of an “open hole” with rainwater. Depending on the project, this water may get trapped in the deepest part of the hole and require weeks to evaporate. To avoid that time delay, some owners may be forced to take on the additional cost of arranging the draining off the water, which will also slow the pace of the work.

Cold weather (if it happens) isn’t a hindrance

custom tile spa

The fall months in the DFW metroplex are generally mild. It’s rare to see freezing temperatures, but even if we did, we rarely see temperatures that could affect the pouring of concrete. Concrete should not be poured if the temperatures could fall below 25 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 24 hours for 30 days after the pour. While we see cooler temps in the fall, numbers that low are very rare for North Texas. Besides, if your pool improvements or new pool include a hot tub, the cooler months of fall and winter are the ideal time to enjoy it!

Your lawn will be in better shape

Installing a new pool, enlarging your current pool, or adding new features to your current pool will often require heavy machinery to move across your yard. There may be some damage to your lawn as a result. You may need to re-sod or re-seed areas where the grass was torn up. Scheduling pool improvements for the fall gives your lawn four to six months to recover and regrow.

If you schedule your pool project for the summer in the hope of being able to use it for Memorial Day weekend or the 4th of July, summer storms can throw a monkey wrench in your timeline. However, if you schedule your work for the fall, you will be able to relax and make definite plans for a very fun summer.

In conclusion

The IRS exempts from taxes the first $250,000 in gains, or $500,000 if you’re married. This means that when you sell your primary residence, you could owe capital gains taxes. You will determine your gains by subtracting your home’s purchase price from the sale price. However, you will be able to deduct the cost of any capital improvements, such as a new pool or pool remodeling, from your profits. The cost of your pool could end up being used to defray capital gains taxes. In the meantime, you get to enjoy having a luxurious amenity at your home, as well as add an attractive selling feature (to most potential buyers) when and if you decide to sell.