Costs versus Value: Should you Get a Swimming Pool?

Is a swimming pool a good investment? It is if it is the right size and your home is located in the right place, experts say. Its value also rests on your willingness to put in money, time, and effort for its maintenance.

You can assess the value of a swimming pool based on how many times you use it per year but that measurement is not enough. There are things that cannot be quantified especially on something as subjective as a pool. Factors such as the sheer enjoyment of just sitting by the pool while you’re drinking a cold beer or entertaining guests on your pool’s patio cannot be measured.

In an attempt to address what is quantifiable, we took a look at resale value, climate, location, and the pros and cons of having a pool. A swimming pool can increase your home’s market value but this increase is defined by some as miniscule compared to the costs involved in installing and maintaining one. Installation costs are usually between $5,000 to $12,800 or even higher while maintenance can be as high or as low as $250 per year, depending on a homeowner’s perspective.

This doesn’t mean that you should not get a pool though because it’s hot in Texas during the summer and this heat can be one of the biggest reasons why you should get one installed immediately. Apart from needing a place to cool down when it is unbearably hot outside, climate and location play an important role in determining a pool’s value. With Texas having over 220 sunny days in a year, having a pool in your backyard won’t put you on the losing end.

Living in an area where almost every home has a pool also increases the value of your home.

Basically, the resale value of a home with a pool goes up if you live somewhere hot and if most of your neighbors have a pool.

The design of your pool and its patio space also play a significant role in measuring resale value. A well-maintained pool will bring prices up.

Like other additional structures in your property, owning a swimming pool has its pros and cons.

We’ve talked about pool maintenance before and how it requires a bit of effort and sometimes a few hacks so you can save money while keeping this beautiful part of your home in good condition. The biggest issue for most is the maintenance and the costs that come with it. If the pool is ill-cared for, it also has a potential of spreading bacteria and germs. However, all these can be avoided.

One of the main reasons why you should get a pool is having a place where your whole family and your friends can swim – for free. You can use it to cool down during a heat wave or just go for a dip to get your daily exercise. You also get to have an entertaining space for your parties.

Should you get a swimming pool? The decision rests on your shoulders. Once you decide to get a pool, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly personnel would be happy to assist you.