5 Pool Renovation Ideas You’ll Love

Want your pool to make a splash? Take a look at these Pool Facelift ideas that can transform drab swimming pools into incredible spaces.

Take note, you don’t need to focus on just one pool renovation idea. You can always mix and match.

  1. Create a pond beside your pool

Imagine having a room for your pet fishes on the side of your pool. This means creating small ponds near the pool and adding some plants near the deck. This will make a dull swimming pool look less boring. If done right, it will look like an oasis.

  1. Create a swimming pool tanning deck

It’s vacation mode on if you have a pool like this. You can have your sun tan on pool chairs right on the water! You can add an umbrella to complete the look.

  1. Add a jacuzzi

    Infinity swimming pool with jacuzzi by the beach at a modern luxury hotel in Pieria, Greece

Your pool was created for your enjoyment. Why not make it more enjoyable by adding a jacuzzi right next to it? You can also add planter areas near the pool if you wish or stick to a modern design like in the photo above.

  1. Add plants near your pool


A tropical swimming pool in Koh Chang, Thailand

Sometimes, you just need some plants to transform your pool into an ultimate oasis. Adding plants near the deck will make your pool look more beautiful because all the greenery will accentuate the blue water and the deck.

  1. Change the deck

Modern house with pool and garden.

This is a very simple solution that can make a world of difference. A nice wooden deck, for example, will transform a boring-looking pool area to one that brings those much-needed vacation vibes.

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