5 Dramatic Pool Renovation Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Are you bored with your pool? You can make some dramatic changes without spending too much. The following are a few pool renovation ideas to consider:

  1. Waterfalls

Adding waterfalls to your existing pool can be quite reasonable in terms of installation costs and it will make your pool look different. If you get a reputable company to do the job, you are sure to get dramatic results.  While this feature can be a bit expensive, a waterfall feature would be a great use of your remodeling budget

Waterfalls cascading over natural stones would be so gorgeous, too so why not take the plunge?

If you feel like spending a little bit more, you can even add a garden to your poolscape to enhance the beauty of the waterfall feature.

  1. Baja Steps

Installing baja steps can give your pool a new look. With costs ranging from $2,200 and up, you can use your baja steps as a tanning ledge or the main entry into your pool.

  1. Fire Pit

A small fire pit near your pool can improve the ambiance of the area at night. Installation usually costs around $500 and up. A fire pit placed on a short pillar, for example, can also give  your pool a new look.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your poolscape and your yard. If you add this feature, you can have a built-in barbeque or all the bells and whistles of a full kitchen. A built-in barbeque can cost around $800 and up.

You can even add a bar next to it so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while sitting near your pool.

5. LED Lights

Installing LED lights in your poolscape or in the pool itself will change the overall feel of the area. Some LED lights can also change colors which means you can change the color of your pool water to red or pink or any color you want.

This is the cheapest way to change the ambiance in this part of your yard.

Thinking of remodeling your pool? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly customer service personnel would be happy to assist you.